Snack Station Hack

Many of us have got to switch it up this week. The 22 week summer holidays starts now and although I love my children I also love them being in the routine of going to school and having the structured day which keeps them busy and engaged.

But here we are AC (after corona) and I truly believe that life will never feel quiet the same again…. and we’re only at the beginning of all these changes.

One of my biggest concerns with having the children restricted at home is the lack of exercise they are now getting compared to a typical week. My children have lots of hobbies and are extremely outdoorsy so the thought of them being stuck indoors and with access to the kitchen they are likely to eat me out of house and home given half the change. I for one don’t fancy braving the supermarkets with all the hoarders and panic buyers. (Where on Earth have all of these people come from? I truly didn’t realise that my local community were all nutcases. Anyone else relate to this?)

So heres my snack station hack. Filled ready for the day. As well as keeping my kids happy and filled with healthy snacks it’s also another way of thinking about the way our days work and thus making life as easy as possible. I envisage afew life hacks going forward!

So here you have it hack number one. Commander an old shoe rack, add a few trays or fruit boxes and fill with snacks, drink dispenser and the all important tissues and wipes.

Children love to be independent and being able to manage their own self care is a brilliant way of them learning. You could ask them to help you fill this area every morning and use it as a learning opportunity.

I hope that you can get a new balance into your lives … I think that lockdown is going to hit us all hard.

Stay safe, stay indoors

Jen x

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