Meal Plan – A week back on Slimming World

It’s now mid January and I’ve been off-plan for a month. I hit my target weight back in June 18 and since then was pretty consistent in maintaining within my 6lb allowance (3lb+, 3lb-) of my target weight.

So what happened? Why am I not in target at the moment? The truth is that winter happened, I got complacent, comfortable, and all the rich food and alcohol on offer at Christmas was a big temptation.

Am I sorry, hell no, I enjoyed myself, ate what I wanted and had fun with my friends.

But now, back to business.

I’ve got to get myself back on track. I need to loose 6lb to get back into target range but I do have another goal this year. I’ve set myself a personal goal of upping my fitness and starting to include weights. I’m hoping to get toned.

We all have our targets, but my top tip is to be honest with yourself, go to group. I know this can be daunting but all of the people there have faced the fear of the scales and are all on their own journey. No one will judge you. Stay for group, these people are full of amazing ideas and if you do have an off-plan day get straight back to it the next day.

Lets be honest, loosing weight is hard, we have to make it about a full lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. You want to loose weight for your own reasons, set realistic goals and celebrate the small achievement.

This is me at 14 stone.

February 2017. I’m 5 foot 4 inches and was obese. I wanted to get to 11 stone 7 pounds as that was what I weighed at 24 when I got married.

This was me last summer at 9 stone 10 pounds

And now at 10 stone 3 pounds

So back to business.

Here is my meal plan this week.

(Syns need adding on some days I will be aiming for minimal syns this week)

Slimming World has changed slightly in that you can now have 2 healthy extra A choices per day and 1 healthy extra B choice. Syn allowance is dependent upon your starting body weight. So for me I am allowed 5-15 syns per day. I generally use these in sauces, dips, relishes but the odd biscuit, gin and chocolate sneak in aswell.

However this is week 1 back on plan. I will not be eating any of my trigger foods this week, you know, the ones that if you start you can’t stop. Instead I have done a basic meal plan for you to look at of our meals this week. You will notice that there arn’t any snacks listed as I don’t plan snacks, rather I snack on fruit or alpen bars and yoghurts…….so… no chocolate, no bread, no biscuits for me… I mean seriously if i open the custard creams I will eat the whole packet.

I’ll post photos as I go over on my instagram page Mama’s Den … check out my grid, stories and feel free to DM me.

Good luck

Jen x

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