Impending doom?

We have spent the weekend enjoying lots of family time and I even managed a rare night out with my friends last night celebrating a birthday and making the most of a childfree evening. We went for a curry and junk yard golf followed by a night cap at Manchester’s cloud 23 bar. (At the top of the Hilton hotel in Manchester city centre.

With the impending threat to the Coronavirus and with much of Europe on shut down and the UK in the ‘delay’ stage it seemed like the last hurrah before life makes a change towards the worst (I fear). So I have decided to start keeping a daily diary (which may turn into more of a every few days diary) of mini blog posts to show you all how this is impacting on myself as a self employed business… documenting the impact on my family, work, the families I care for and I suspect my journey into home schooling if the school closures are enforced in the UK as many feel they will be over the coming weeks.

We love being outdoors in normal circumstances and with the threat of soon being restricted in our movements we decided to get outdoors and focus on creating memories together on Sunday. A trip to the safari park, with lots of opportunity to discuss the animals we saw, and the opportunity to complete trail maps added a little bit of an educational twist to the day.

I have actually found this last few weeks largely unsettling. I don’t know about you but I feel a sense of heaviness.. almost impending doom.. waiting for something to happen.. like waiting for test results… but in this case it feels like Armageddon is approaching. (Slightly dramatic but I hope you know what I mean)

So here we are, at the start of a new week. I have a feeling this might be one that we don’t forget in a hurry but I do really hope i’m wrong.

Jen x

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  1. Hannah Tozer says:

    I started a diary on Saturday too. I feel just like you. Wishing that I didn’t have to send everyone off to school and work this morning! I’m worried 😟


    1. mamasden2 says:

      It’s a very funny feeling isn’t it. But we are trying to be honest with the children and watching the news closely. It is going to be a funny few months ahead and i’m pretty sure that at some point we’ll get poorly… I just pray that we arn’t affected by the complications this illness can cause.
      I’m increasingly aware of the amount of foods and disposable items we still use though given the shortages in stores so will be making an extra effort to make some switches over the coming months again.
      I hope I can get around to sharing all my ideas and changes on here and on insta/FB. 🙂


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