Open Letter To The Prime Minister

Dear Mr Johnson,

This is my little gang, the gang i’ve cared for over the past few years. Who have grown from babies into kids full of sass, opinions and brilliant fun ideas.

Have a look at my instagram grid prime minister or my facebook page. Look at the work that childminders like myself put into our day to day activities, going above and beyond for the children we care for. We nurture them, mother them, teach them and love them. We comply to strict regulations and act in the best interests of these little people who will grow up to become the ‘key workers’ of tomorrow.

You might not see their faces on the grid but these are the children that fill my world with inspiration. It’s them playing with dough, splashing in puddles and generally having a ball.

They have enjoyed their childhood with stability and a hunger for learning which I have facilitated in a loving, caring environment.

This week has been the hardest of my career. I along with every childminder in England have been forced to close our doors today and of these 4 children 75% will not be returning to my care… EVER. Some childminders have lost every single child that they have cared for and we are left affectively unemployed or at the very least with massive wage cuts.

I’m heartbroken, utterly gutted and sad that my profession has not been recognised for the work we do or the care that is critical for the stability of the many young children we care for. In your address to the nation on Wednesday you did not even refer to childminders, simply nurseries, well I’m not operating a nursery, I work from home so can’t claim your business rates loan to help with my bills.

I understand we all need to make sacrifices. I could deal with this if it wasn’t for the total lack of support that you are offering the self-employed. If I was employed I would be able to claim 80% of my wages from my employer. But for the self-employed, go and claim universal credits? This is utterly disrespectful. I have worked my bones off and my profession is yet again dismissed and not supported.

You must rethink this prime minister or you will loose childminders completely.


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  1. michellefincham says:

    Very well said.Today is Mothers Day and you deserve to have a really lovely day with your family. I hope you can relax enough today to enjoy it. Lots of love Fellow Childminder.xSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


    1. mamasden2 says:

      Thank you so much Michelle and I hope you also have a wonderful day. The sun is shining and we can recharge our batteries before the reality hits in the morning again when our children are at home and our doorbells don’t ring. Lets hope that the government remember that they have forced us out of work and are now unwilling to support us appropriately. Jen x


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