Forced closure

I’m feeling so sad this evening. With tonights press conference came the confirmation that all UK schools will be closing indefinitely from Friday 20th March 2020. But along with school closures came the news that all early years settings are recommended to close aswell. I’m in total shock and as I write this (having just got into bed) am hoping in the morning i’ll wake from this nightmare or at the very least be able to give the parents of the wonderful children I care for more answers.

When I started this business I did so as a means to an end. I had a young baby and couldn’t return to my old job due to the unsociable hours needed. So I registered as a childminder and then realised that I was actually really good at what I did.

I had studied child development as part of my post graduate degree in psychology so knew alot about the science behind learning but I soon realised that I had a passion for early years and for encouraging children to be the best that they can be. I could of never predicted that 9 years later I would still be childminding, having had 30+ children come threw my doors and driven my own curiosity and development into becoming the highly driven, motivated and passionate childminder I am today.

So it’s safe to say i’m feeling numb tonight. I don’t think i’ll be able to work from next Monday but am up for the challenge of home educating my own children with the focus on fun, play and learning.

I’ll definitely be talking more about our forced closure but I just want to leave you with these thoughts tonight.

Jen x

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